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E-mail: info@tdbsecurities.mn
People & Culture

    We take pride in being a subsidiary of Trade & Development Bank of Mongolia, and we are proud of complying with TDB’s culture and ethics guidelines.

    Our culture is a set of values, humanitarian and cultural norms that are based on common goals, beliefs, and creations of all our past and current staff.

    Our ethos is respecting our colleagues, being honest, and productive at all times.


    We are proud of our staff, the stories, and achievements we make together for development.

    Our customers who place their faith in us is our greatest assets, and we are committed to creating an innovative environment for our employees and to continuously develop ourselves.

  • We offer opportunities to create value with us, open to everyone.



    • A comfortable environment created by our collaboration;
    • Work with leaders, experts, and talented co-workers and develop together;
    • Colleagues support each other with unified goals, and aspirations.

    Development opportunities

    • Learn, and develop professional skills;
    • Regularly attend workshops and training, to grow your skills and expertise;
    • Opportunity to find your work valued fairly.


    • A competitive wage, premium, bonus compensation system
    • Evaluations based on quality and productivity;


    • All sorts of discounts, benefits, and aids covered in the internal labor procedures
    • Loans with special discounted terms
    • By meeting certain conditions we provide opportunities to participate in professional training and get qualifications, charters

    If you have decided to join us:

  • Employee selection procedure

    Our hiring policies are open, transparent, fair, and we will give every opportunity to express yourself.

    Application form
    Filtering applicants
    Professional test
    Interview (up to 2 times)
    Job offer

    Student programs selection procedure

    We offer student internship programs and other student focused programs. Interested students are free to apply and we will give you the opportunity to develop yourself.

    Application form
    Filtering applicants
    Assignment and evaluation
  • Student programs

Currently: 0 open positions

forward together rapidly

It is our ethic to work productively, objectively, and fairly respecting our colleagues and clients.

how to apply

You can apply by filling out our online application form or e-mail us at info@tdbsecurities.mn or submitting the form in person at our offices.

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